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Vietnamese Law Consultants - VLC is the group of Vietnamese independents lawyers organized and coordinated by Law Office of Hai Ha & Partners to assist our clients in Vietnam, France, United States and other countries in Europe. Neither  member of VLC nor Hai Ha & Partners Law Office has any responsibility of activity of another member.

Our experienced attorneys, counselors, and legal assistants are committed to provide clients our high quality legal services that will help them to save time and cost while getting their success in the cases. [more]

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Doing Business in Vietnam
Procedures for investigation and settlements of anti-dumpingincludes these steps,
Vietnamese Law on FDI amended,
The Issue Of Recognition And Enforcement Of Foreign Arbitral Awards In Vietnam,
Import - Export
Circular No.111-GSQL-TT of the General Department of Customs dated May 28,1997 providing guideline for implementation of Decree No. 12-CP dated February 18, 1997 providing detailed Regulations on the,
List of goods not to be bought for export by foreign invested enterprises in Vietnam,
The Law amending and supplementing a number of Article of the Law on Export Tax and Import Tax No.4/1998/QH10 of May 20, 1998 by National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.,

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